When you’re in the hospitality business, you understand that people come to your venue to escape the norm. They don’t want the same dull environment they have at home. They want to be somewhere sharp, beautiful and trendy. Considering that the walls of your business are hard to miss, it’s important that your paint job is fantastic inside and out.

If you are looking to improve the look of your hotel or hospitality arena, then a paint job might be the right update your business needs. Texas Professional Painting offers professional interior and exterior painting for hotels and hospitality buildings.

Our commercial painting services include:

  • Restaurants
  • Event Centers
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Theme Parks
  • Tourist Centers

The Look

We want your customers to be impressed with your paint job. Before the first paint stroke occurs, we will clarify exactly what you want out of your paint job. Together we will determine what color gives off the right vibe for your location, and if you want any accents or other special requests.

Your Concerns

Staying on brand: You want your business to stand out from the competition. You want people to visit your venue and recognize your brand. We understand that and our team can help you match colors to fit your brand.

Scheduling: You don’t want to worry about clients and employees breathing paint fumes or maneuvering around painting supplies. We work with you to determine the best time to perform the job (within our availability). As small business owners, we understand how time off can hurt your bottom line and work to reduce the amount of time you will need to close up shop.

Restoration Painting

Our team of experienced painters offers restoration painting for our commercial and residential clients as well. Our restoration painting can help improve the look of cosmetic damage to your building. Whether it is the result of time or your building has suffered some damage, we can make your paint look like new. If you are ready for a business face-lift get your hospitality painting estimate today.