Deciding to add some new paint to your office is a great way to freshen the look and even improve productivity. Studies have shown that specific paint colors can have amazing effects on workers. Once you’ve picked the perfect color for your office and found your professional painting company it can be hard to determine how to make the change happen with the smallest amount of impact on business operations.

Pick a day you can close up shop

If your business has customers coming onsite, like in a retail center or boutique pick the day, you are usually the least busy and close the store for the painting job on that day. The week before the painting post signs to let your customers know that you will be closed for painting on the day scheduled and have your staff tell clients when they check out at the cash register. Additionally, if you have an email list send them a friendly notice that your business will be closed for painting and send them a coupon or exclusive offer for any inconvenience to use once the store reopens. This also entices them to come check out your makeover.

Allow employees to work remotely

If your business doesn’t have foot traffic then allowing your employees to work remotely may be the best way to set up your painting appointment. If possible schedule a late appointment after office hours and then allow your employees to do their work from home or their favorite coffee shop the next day. This gives the paint and chance to dry and for any lingering fumes to fade. If your office receives a lot of phone calls, have them set up to be forwarded to someone off site, so clients aren’t left ignored.  

See if you can schedule the job on a Friday

Schedule your painting job on your Friday afternoon, your employees can enjoy an early dismissal and the paint can have the weekend to dry. Being welcomed to a fresh coat of paint Monday morning is a great way to start the work week,

The day before holidays

Similar to the weekend, setting up your business painting makeover the day before a holiday is a smart way to avoid interrupting business operations or slapping your employees in the face with the strong scent of fresh paint.

Adding a new paint job to your business is a great way to liven things up and give your company a new and improved look. If you are ready to freshen up your business contact Texas Professional Painting we offer commercial and residential painting services to San Antonio community and surrounding areas.