5 Home Exterior Paint Trends

5 Home Exterior Paint Trends You’ll See In 2022

Choosing a color for the exterior of your house is a big decision. Generally, exterior house paint colors fall into either dark or light shade categories. Within these categories lie thousands of color options. Even more, you should take into consideration the size, light exposure and landscape around your home. With all these variables it’s no wonder home exterior painting can feel overwhelming.

Texas Professional Painting put together this article to help you pin down your vision. Read on to learn about 5 exterior paint trends you’ll see this year.

Home Exterior Trends

Tried and True Neutral

Neutrals will never lower your home’s resell value and will always be on-trend. Neutrals pair well with different materials, like brick, stucco or vinyl siding. There are thousands of options, and they’re far from boring. Consider unique neutral combinations like gray-blue, greige or the ever-versatile taupe.

Bold and Dark Exterior

Dark shades make a bold statement without being blindingly vibrant. Give a dark exterior structure by pairing it with light accent painting. Or fully embrace the moody aesthetic with a monochromatic look that combines dark exterior walls and trim. Not ready to commit? Opt for painting a section of your house dark–like the mudroom or screened-in porch.

Go for Green Paint

A green exterior compliments the landscape and gives your design an organic feel. Green is also the opposite of red on the color wheel, which makes it pair well with red brick houses. If your house does not have brick, a red front door can help tie the look of your green house together. There is no need to choose shades like kelly green or lime, instead, think about shades like sage or moss.

Why White Walls Work

White, cream and off-white can make your home appear larger since the color reflects light. Light-colored houses also pop against the landscape, which adds to curb appeal. Make your house stand out in a neighborhood of beige by opting for a white exterior. White paint can be either warm or cool, depending on its undertones. Warm white makes a house look cozy while cool white feels fresher.

A Fresh Coat for Your Front Door

Painting your front door in a bold or bright color is a great option if you’re limited by community guidelines. Painting the door invests less time and money than painting the entire exterior. And when it’s time to sell, painting over your door can take less than a weekend.

Your Home Exterior Painters

There is a lot to consider when it comes to painting the exterior of your home. You need to decide what kind of first impression your home will give, or what will be its curb appeal. Your landscaping, neighborhood and the size of your home all affect how your paint job will look.

It can take time to commit to a color scheme for your home. That’s why, when it’s time to paint your home, you should put your trust in professional house painters. At Texas Professional Painting, our team is dedicated to providing you with quality workmanship. Let us help you transform your house into the home of your dreams. Contact us today!

Painting an older home can be an exciting, yet nerve-wracking experience. Between picking out the best color schemes and tackling any last-minute surprises, you are guaranteed to have your hands full. But what other things should you take into consideration when undertaking a restoration paint job for your home?

Take a look at our five considerations for a restoration paint job to get you started on the right foot.

Restoration Paint Job Considerations

1) Job size and complexity

One thing you should always consider when painting the exterior of your home is the size and complexity of the job. Are there a lot of more elegant details to the exterior of your home? Do you have a two-story Victorian house which will need special safety equipment to get to hard-to-reach places?

Depending on your DIY capabilities it may be better to simply hire out a residential painter to get the job done for you. You’ll notice a huge difference in the quality of work and the time saved doing so.

2) Tools for the job

As we mentioned earlier, getting the right tools for the job can be a real deal breaker for a DIY home painter. The cost of paint equipment, ladders, and the plethora of other things you’ll need can rack up quite the bill.

Once you purchase the equipment, they can take up quite a bit of space, too. You’re better off hiring a team of contractors who are already well equipped for the job. In most cases, you’ll come out ahead both financially and aesthetically.

3) Paint quality

Our team of professional painters has been at the game for a long time. We’ve tested many different brands of paint and have seen many color combinations. We’re pretty confident we can pick out what would look best for your home.

But if you’re going to attempt to paint your own home, you may want to think twice about purchasing the cheapest paint in the store. It’s an investment you shouldn’t take lightly. A high-quality paint will protect the exterior of your home for a good ten years.

4) Accentuate the details of your home

When you have an older home painted, it’s important to accentuate key features to make new paint POP! For instance, instead of trying to change the exterior of your homestay true to its style. By working with the style of your home, you’ll be able to make some of the key architectural features stand out.

Have you considered painting your door a bright, vivid color that compliments the rest of the house? How about staining your fence? Remember, colors work best for a house if introduced in three’s. More than that and homes tend to look a little tacky.

5) Time estimates

Another primary consideration you should think about before painting your home is how much time do you have to do so. Is this something you plan on doing quickly or when you’re able to get to it?

If you find your schedule is too busy, you may be better off having a professional come and paint your home for you. If you take this route, be sure to hire someone reputable who has stood the test of time.

Are you considering giving your residential home a restoration paint job? Contact us today to get a free cost estimate on our local restoration painters!

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