Tips for Painting Accent Walls

Accent walls are more than a trend when it comes to decorating your home. An accent wall can include a different color, shade, design or material than the other walls in the room. With thousands of options to choose from, you can add a personal touch into any room in your home.

Picking the Wall

Before looking through the many options to choose from, it is very important to choose the right wall in your room. If your room does not have an architectural feature like a slanted wall or one that is different already, you could benefit from an accent wall. Choosing the right wall in your room should be your first decision.

Color Choice

Accent walls are meant to stand out and embellish your room. Do not let a bold color intimidate you – it could be the perfect touch to the area. As long as the bold color goes well with the room, you can choose whatever you want. The paint color that you choose can be powerful and create the mood of the room.

Specialty Paints

Keep in mind that there are many specialty paints to choose from, such as chalkboard or metallic paint. With this many options, you can easily bring your ideas to life. A fun touch is using chalkboard paint to create a chalkboard wall. This idea is perfect for a kids playroom or even a kitchen wall. Magnetic paint is a fun idea to add along with the chalkboard wall. The ideas are endless when it comes to specialty paints.


A patterned accent wall is not limited to only paint. There are many textile options to create a pattern onto your wall, such as wooden wall paneling, stickers, shelving, tiles, etc. Patterns create a fun, personal touch, so think outside of the box! A pattern works well with a simple or busy room. Don’t shy away from a pattern!


Creating a textured accent wall will catch everyone’s eye. A wood edge or stone wall is a great idea to bring texture into your room. Adding a brick accent wall is a very popular option, as well. You can go many different ways with texture and create exactly what you want. Your home painting ideas are endless.

If you are looking to add a bold pop of color or wanting to add a dramatic textured, patterned wall, the professional painters at Texas Professional Painting can help you achieve your accent wall goals. We will work with you from concept to completion. Contact us today to get started!

Does your home need something new? Instead of rearranging the furniture or hanging a new picture, try painting! There’s a lot you can do with a can of paint and a day’s work. Here are some tips on how to spruce up your home with paint.

Paint Character into Your Home

Accent Wall

Sometimes a bright color can be overwhelming for an entire room. Try painting just one wall with a more daring color to brighten up the room. It’s a great way to tie together your artwork or throw pillows and complete a room. It also won’t take as long as painting the entire room. 

Paint Your Door

Most people don’t pay much attention to front doors, but it is the first thing people see when they come to your home. Make it something to remember! A deep red or blue is used on a lot of traditional homes. If you want something a little more modern or contemporary, try painting it a bright yellow or green. Adding a bright color to your door can set a happy mood before anyone even takes a step inside your home.

Paint a Ceiling

If you look at pictures of old castles and homes, the ceilings have detail and color. Painting your ceiling can add a pop of color and also brighten up any room. It adds elegance and height to a room and can be a good balance to other patterns’ features. If you don’t want to add a bright color to the ceiling, try doing a neutral color but adding a pattern. The pattern can bring texture and draw attention upwards without being overwhelming.

Adding or changing the paint in or outside your home is an easy, affordable way to freshen up your living space. If you need help with your project, contact Texas Professional Painting for a quote.

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