Top Paint Colors for a Guest Room

Deciding on a color to paint a room or your house can always be a challenge. But when it comes to the guest room it doesn’t have to be. Whether you hire a professional painter through a painting company or have enough time and ambition to do it yourself, check out our list of the top colors to paint your guest room.

Gray – Using lighter, neutral colors like gray is welcoming to anyone. Sticking to neutral tones such as gray, beige or taupe sets a soothing tone to the room. This also makes it easy to redecorate the room and change the color scheme without having to repaint the whole room.

Brown – Whether you decide on a dark or light brown, this color is a natural hue that can help create a cozy environment. A deep brown is the best alternative to black, which can help you darken a room dramatically – making it an ideal sleeping space.

Yellow – Yellow can be a tricky color, but choosing the right tone can be fun and very beneficial. If you have a small or cramped guest room, a warmer, light color can really help open up a room. Instead of using white, substitute yellow to create the illusion that the room is larger than it actually is.

Blue – If you want to use some color in the room, blue is a great choice. Ranging everywhere from robin’s egg, turquoise or navy, blue has the most variety to offer. Deeper tones can offer a certain hominess to the room. When wanting to create a tranquil space, blue has been proven to invoked calming feelings.

No matter what color you choose, painting the walls is a good start in achieving the environment you are trying to create for your guest. Call Texas Professional Painting to schedule your painting job today! 

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