There has been a fire at your business, now what?

A business fire can be a devastating event. After the smoke has settled and the insurance check has cleared it’s time to start thinking about the next step and opening back up the doors of your business. Your business is your livelihood and we want to help you get your business back up and running as soon as possible.

When fires are contained and put out quickly often the most significant measure of damage is a result of the soot and smoke. You don’t want your walls to be a constant reminder of the traumatic event your business has faced and we don’t want your customers or clients to look at your walls in horror.

What happens when I have fire damage restoration painting done?

After the fire marshall has given you permission to re-enter the building and start working on opening back up business operations you will need to ventilate the area. While the building is airing out make sure to dry anything that has been exposed to water or other forms of moisture.

Next the walls will need to be cleaned ideally using a chemical sponge to remove soot stains from the wall.

We may recommend using a latex enamel undercoat before painting, depending on the damage done to your walls. An enamel undercoat will help strengthen the wall and prepare it for the painting.

Your painter will examine the damage to your home and the best way to move forward. The experts on our team will match the textures and materials of your wall before starting the job so that your restoration painting job is completed correctly.

Why pick Texas Professional Painting for my restoration paint job?

Texas Professional Painting is a San Antonio based painting company. We offer residential and commercial painting service throughout Texas. We pride ourselves on being a service-oriented and reliable company.  Our motto is “We’ve built on reliability and quality workmanship.”

If your business has suffered fire damage contact the team at Texas Professional Painting to schedule your free estimate. We want to get your business back up and running!