Which Colors Are Best For Selling Your Home?

Decoration styles and tastes for homes evolve throughout the years just like everything else. Most homeowners don’t realize how influential house painting is when attempting to sell a home. Although selling your house with white walls may be ideal in your mind to give your buyer a clean slate, it’s better to present your home wearing its potential rather than leaving it up to the imagination.

Don’t let your taste get in the way

The rule of thumb for interior painting is to not let your taste outweigh what might be the best choice for selling your home. Neutral tones that work well with most furniture colors are the best choice for any room. Researchers at Zillow have found warm tans with pink undertones serve as the best colors for living rooms and have the potential to increase the selling price of your home by 1.3 percent.

Zillow color analysts also discovered that the barn red accent wall you love in your kitchen can actually decrease the value of your home. Rather, they suggest painting using black and white ‘tuxedo’ style in kitchens. Lighter walls with darker cabinets create a visually pleasing balance that works well with accent colors of your buyer’s choice.

What are some preferred tones?

Wall color choices can range depending on how one chooses to decorate their powder room. Soothing and light blues are the best bet to paint a bathroom. Other cool tones, such as beige and pale gray, are also preferred.

No matter your reason for putting your home on the market, paintings services are necessary to keep your home looking crisp and up to date for prospective buyers. Interior painting is crucial because the colors within your home could increase or decrease your selling price by thousands.

Here at Texas Professional Painting, we offer painting services along with thousands of colors for you to choose from to get your house market-ready. After deciding on the perfect colors for your walls, we’re here to paint your home in a timely fashion while maintaining quality and precision to get it sold in no time.

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