At Texas Professional Painting, we understand how important your commercial building is to your success. Whether you are returning an older space to its former glory or trying to bring your business back from damage, you’ll need commercial painting contractors you can trust.

Our team treats every commercial restoration with the care and caution it requires. We want your business to represent all of the memories it has experienced over the years, but it can also look appealing to your employees and customers!

Efficient Restoration Services

It doesn’t matter if damage to your business was the result of an unexpected disaster or due to the effects of time, we can restore your paint job. Our experts know how to match the textures and materials of your building so that they can be restored flawlessly. We take every precaution to preserve the history of your building while giving it the care and attention it needs to help your business succeed.

Some of the most common damages we see and restore are:

Fire Damage – After the immediate danger is over and you are ready to move forward, the last thing you need is the constant reminder of fire damage staring back from your walls. This unfortunate event doesn’t have to haunt your workspace or business. With our skill and knowledge, your walls can be brought back to life in no time. Not a single trace of the fire will be left once our team is done with the space. Let us renew your walls and get you back in business

Water Damage – When it comes to water damage, don’t wait to repair. At Texas Professional Painting we have experience with responding to water damage quickly and thoroughly to restore paint. We know firsthand how water can wreak havoc on your walls and floors, and we want to help you minimize the damage and stress of this event. Let us get to work sooner rather than later. You’ll feel a weight lift from your shoulders as soon as we reveal your restored business!

In Need of Commercial Restoration Painting in San Antonio?

The unexpected can happen. If your business suffers damage, our team will help make it’s whole again with our restoration commercial painting. You can depend on us to get the job done in a timely manner, but you’ll never have to question the quality of our work. We hold ourselves to high standards on all our commercial painting work, and you are no exception.

If you have questions about our commercial painting services or would like to schedule an appointment to have your commercial space evaluated, feel free to reach out to our friendly team! We can’t wait to help you out!