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Dealing with Wallpaper

How Difficult Is It To Remove Wallpaper?
The Area You Plan ToUpdate
The Look You Want

Prepping Your Office for Paint

1. Decide What You Want
2. Have Repairs Done Ahead Of Time
3. Make Space
4. Give Employees The Day Off
5. Clean The Walls

Shutting Down Your Office

Pick A Day You Can Close Up Shop
Allow Employees To Work Remotely
Schedule The Job On A Friday
Book The Day Before A Holiday

Maintaining Your New Paint Job

1. Clean Walls Regularly
2. Keep Furniture Away From The Walls
3. Draw Blinds To Prevent Paint From Fading
4. Take Care of Any Moisture Issues ASAP

Good Times to Paint Your Home

Know Your Siding
Factor In The Weather

Choosing The Right Colors

1. Decide On Your Look
2. Create A Cohesive Space
3. Choose The Right Sheen
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