Careful Restoration Services

At Texas Professional Painting, we understand the importance of history and memories. Whether you are returning an older home to its former glory or trying to bring your home back from damage, you’ll need painting contractors you can trust. Our team treats every home restoration with the care and caution it requires. We want your home to represent all of the memories it has withstood over the years, but it can also look fresh and clean!

Whether your home has suffered a sudden disaster or has been on the mend for several years, our team of quality craftsmen is available to restore your home to new. Our restoration services are available to any type of damage your home may have seen, but these are the most common reasons our customers need restoration painting.

Resoration Services

Old Houses

We work with as much of the original home as possible, then make the necessary adaptations to bring it back to life. From peeling paint to trim replacements, we fix it all then show you how to maintain long-lasting results. Your older home will be transformed before your eyes, but it will still hold the memory of the past.

Fire Damage

When fire attacks your home, it can be an unsettling experience. Your life may turn upside down – not only with healing from the shock, but also from the restoration task ahead of you. More than ever, you want to be able to rely on a painting contractor you can trust. With open communication and transparency, you’ll feel confident with our team working on your home. Let us restore your walls to new.

Water Damage

Time is of the essence when water damage strikes. The professionals at Texas Professional Painting know how to respond quickly and thoroughly to restore paint damage caused by water. This event doesn’t have to mean the end of your home as you know it. We have the skills and experience to make sure your home is good as new in no time. Plus, you can feel safe knowing you have replaced moldy, wet walls with brand new, expertly painted ones.
professional painting contractors working on 2nd story of residence exterior
profesional painter from Texas Professional Painting working on exterior painting job
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Looking For A Home Restoration Painter in San Antonio?

When your home withstands damage, you want a contractor who can safely restore your property to new. Not only can our professionals ensure a safe restoration paint job, they are highly skilled at matching the original materials and textures of your home.

When you need a job well done and peace of mind, choose Texas Professional Painting as your home restoration painting contractor. We’ll deliver the quality service you deserve and make sure your house feels less like a project and more like a home. We can also take care of any other residential painting projects you need help with. For more information or to schedule your restoration, contact us today!

Residential Services

Exterior Painting

Don’t just hire anyone

At Texas Professional Painting we understand the importance of a good first impression and why you shouldn’t just hire anyone to get the job done. Allow our team to paint the exterior of your home or office building to ensure you give the best first impression that there is to give.

Interior Painting

Don’t just hire anyone

At Texas Professional Painting we understand the importance of a good first impression. Allow our team to paint the interior of your home or office building to ensure you give the best first impression there is to give.

Green Painting

Ask About Eco-Friendly Solutions

We’ve always had a strong commitment to helping the environment, that’s why we offer eco-friendly paint. From your home to ours, we guarantee a quality job done right with the products and services you want.

Restoration Painting

Save Old Furniture & Fixtures

Our restoration services are as good as they get when it comes to professional painters in San Antonio. Whether your home or office has a few years of wear and tear under its belt, or whether it’s become a victim of sudden disaster, our team of quality craftsmen can restore your home to new.

Staining and Painting

Enjoy Longer Lasting Fences & Decks

Need to have your deck, fence or other wooden surfaces painted? We do the job right the first time, preventing rot, reducing UV damage, and improving the overall look of your wood while extending the lifespan of it too.

Drywall Repair

Eliminate Wall Impurities in Your Home

Is your home plagued by drywall damage? Our expert drywall repair services not only enhance your home's aesthetics but also safeguard it against mold, boost property value, and help maintain consistent indoor temperatures.