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Your home is your sanctuary, so it should be beautiful to look at. Our San Antonio residential painters are quality craftsmen who prove top-notch results at affordable prices. We walk you through the entire process from concept to completion and keep you updated at all times. For us, the job isn’t over until you are satisfied.

Whether you’re looking for an interior refresh or an exterior makeover, you can trust our team of real professionals. We have experience with living roomskitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and more. 

Check out our residential painting services to learn more or call us now at (210) 251-2548 for your free estimate.

Don’t take our word for it read our clients’ testimonials and see why we are the best house painting company in San Antonio.

The entire house was painted white and it took us many years to realize that the thing that we were missing was a little bit of color on the wall so we contacted Texas Professional Painting.

They came in and they were in and out in four days which just blew my mind. It’s changed everything, my daughter’s white room is now princess pink and she loves it. We were able to do a beautiful accent wall in our living room which we had all-white before and it just changed our house from feeling like a house to feeling like a home.

It’s funny, our neighbors came over during the process and looked around our house and they asked if we were moving because they thought we were getting it show ready to sell. But now we get to move here, which is kind of amazing.

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