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Your home is your sanctuary, so it should be beautiful to look at and durable for all those surprises life throws at you. Texas Professional Painting is committed to helping you create the home you always dreamed of, and a simple coat of paint can work wonders for your life. Our San Antonio residential painters are quality craftsmen who provide top-notch results at affordable prices. We walk you through the entire process from concept to completion and keep you updated at all times. For us, the job isn’t over until you are satisfied.

What Are Some Benefits of Painting Your Home?

Although paint is an affordable alternative to major remodels throughout your home, we want you to know all of the perks you can experience from house painting before making the investment to paint your interior, exterior or both!


Not only can a fresh coat of paint increase your curb appeal and change the entire look of your house, it’s also a great investment for resale value. Even if you are not planning to sell your home, it’s always nice to increase the value of it while making it reflect your style perfectly. Our friendly painters can help you achieve your painting dreams in no time!

Increased Air Quality

For homes with walls made of materials like plaster, interior paint can significantly reduce the amount of dust and dirt floating in your air. Choosing to paint your interior with zero or low VOC is an even better way to promote you and your family’s lung health. You spend a lot of time in your home, so you want to make sure that the paint on the walls isn’t causing any harm.

Protection Against Life

We get it! Life happens sometimes, but you don’t want to live with marker or stains on the walls. A new coat of paint could be just the thing you need to cover up those irritating marks and ensure that your walls are durable enough to be cleaned and repel moisture in the future. Those nicks and dings from moving furniture or kids playing in the hallway can be a thing of the past when you choose to refresh your indoor paint.

Defense Against The Elements

The outside of your home really gets put through the wringer throughout the year. From scorching sun to pounding rain, your exterior can struggle to remain solid in the face of extreme weather. Not only can this cause peeling and other disappointing aesthetics, it can endanger your home’s walls. To keep all of that damaging moisture away from your walls and maintain a beautiful exterior year round, consider investing in a new coat of paint.

Color Affects Your Moods

There’s an entire section of psychological study that has proven that certain colors are received by your brain differently and encourage calming moods. You might think changing the paint in your house may look better, but it can also increase your optimism, reduce your bad moods and make you feel more relaxed in your home.

Trust Texas Professional Painting To Take Care of You

Whether you’re looking for an interior refresh or an exterior makeover, you can trust our team of experienced professionals. We have extensive knowledge about painting every area of your home, including living roomskitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and more. 

Check out our residential painting services to learn more or call us now at (210) 251-2548 for your free estimate.

Don’t take our word for it read our clients’ testimonials and see why we are the best house painting company in San Antonio.

The entire house was painted white and it took us many years to realize that the thing that we were missing was a little bit of color on the wall so we contacted Texas Professional Painting.

They came in and they were in and out in four days which just blew my mind. It’s changed everything, my daughter’s white room is now princess pink and she loves it. We were able to do a beautiful accent wall in our living room which we had all-white before and it just changed our house from feeling like a house to feeling like a home.

It’s funny, our neighbors came over during the process and looked around our house and they asked if we were moving because they thought we were getting it show ready to sell. But now we get to move here, which is kind of amazing.

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