With a bundle of joy on the way, it’s time to get the nursery ready! Before settling on a furniture layout, you must first have the interior painting finished. Paint colors for a baby's room can be hard to pick, especially if you don’t want to stick to the common blue or pink color schemes. Here are four great colors you can paint your nursery.


Light and medium green paint is a great color for providing a calming and healthy environment. Green is a natural color that is most found in nature and offers a relaxing feel within your room - like sitting outside. The color is also associated with healing, which can reduce anxiety for the child and the parent. It also allows for better concentration, which can help your child when growing up and learning new skills.


Unlike green, purple is a rare color to find in nature. Purple is associated with royalty and has a luxurious feel. It is the mix of two great colors that are perfect for a baby’s room. Blue is a soothing color, and red is associated with love. Like most rooms for babies, it is best to go with a lighter shade. The darker you go, the more it may look too mature or somber.


White is connected to peace and innocence, but an all-white room can quickly look like a hospital room. While white might seem like a boring choice, it is how you use accents of colors along with it that will be key. Play with ivory or creamy whites and have earthy hues in your furniture and décor. Be wary though, babies and white could be a set up for some staining.


Brown creates a grounded and cozy environment because of its natural earth tones. The hue is also easier for babies to look at since they are constantly being over stimulated by their environment outside of the nursery. You’ll want to associate their room as a place to wind down and sleep. You might be hesitant to use brown because it can remind you of, well, poop. To avoid this, don’t pick medium shades of brown. It is best to either pick a dark shade like chocolate or a very light tan.

Preparing for a baby can be hectic, so let us take care of the painting! Contact Texas Professional Painting today!