Long past are the days of staring at a boring, brightly lit, fluorescent commercial spaces and flat white shopping centers. In this modern day and age, industry leading companies are embracing the fact that color can greatly improve your commercial space environment.

With the virtually limitless selection of colors available to fit your particular business and brand needs, anyone can paint their commercial space as they see fit - giving both employees and customers an invigorating, and real experience with their brand.

Take a look at these top commercial painting ideas for your business to take your company, and brand, to the next level. With these tips, you will certainly stay one step ahead of the competition.



The color of your commercial space can greatly impact not only sales, but productivity amongst your employees as well. Take a look at the following colors along with their most popular representations to see which would be best for your commercial space:

  • Blue - Universally accepted as THE color for productivity. Promotes a stable and calming environment to assist in focusing on the task at hand.
  • Green - Great for those who work long hours. Helps reduce fatigue, remain calm, and stay efficient.
  • Yellow - An optimistic color, stimulating creativity in a workspace.
  • Red - Has been shown to increase heart rate and blood flow. Invokes strong emotions and passion. If you want something to grab attention, paint it red.

To get the most out of your productivity colors, choose one color (such as blue) to paint the entire commercial space, then use green, yellow, or red as accent colors for individual spaces.


Stunning images or designs in a commercial environment not only create a stimulating environment, but it helps improve morale, company identity and branding, as well as the power to enhance a person's experience with your brand.

Try to incorporate a mural or unique design in an entryway, foyer, break room, or in an open office space where customers and/or clients often walk through to give them a sense of openness so that they may have a more intimate connection with your business. Need some help? Take a look at our write up on how to plan and paint a mural.


An important part of the equation when it comes down to choosing a paint color for your business is whether it does or does not help build the brand of your business. Typically, you will want to choose colors that are traditionally used in your industry as well as colors that support your brand.

By doing so, you not only increase sales, but help people associate the right feelings with your overall brand. Additionally, you may also want to consider choosing your paint (and brand) colors based off the kind customers you are trying to attract. For instance, younger customers tend to veer towards bright, vivid colors while those of the older generations enjoy relaxing, less dramatic tones.

Which of these commercial painting ideas do you think are perfect for your business?