Believe it or not, wall color in an office can affect an employee's work ethic. It not only has the ability to change our mood but can impact work productivity as well -- for better or for worse. Below we’ve listed a few different wall colors and how employees are most likely to respond to them to help you pick the best color before scheduling your commercial painter.

How Do Employees Respond to Certain Wall Colors


Blue can be a great option if your workspace is trying to promote teamwork. This color encourages feelings of trust and communication, as well as keeping blood pressure under control when disagreements arise. Blue is a calming color, which can help employees focus on the task at hand. If you’re hoping for happier, more effective workers, this is a great wall color to consider.


Bold colors, such as red or orange, are active, intense and alarming at times. These colors increase heart rate and blood flow and are great in workspaces that involve working at night. It also increases brain activity and stimulates you physically, which is great if your job is hands on.


Yellow is a color known for sparking optimism, energy and happiness. This wall color can help stimulate creativity in a work environment. Jobs that involve creativity, such as designers, writers, or artists, should consider incorporating yellow into their workspaces. Yellow is energetic and fresh, which can trigger innovation.


Harmony and balance in a work environment can be extremely important, which is why green may be the perfect wall color for your employees. This color is calming, reassuring and great for people who work long hours because green does not cause eye fatigue and helps you remain efficient. This color is also known to reduce anxiety and inspire focus and creativity. Plus, it never hurts to think about money on the job!

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