How Does Heat Affect Paint?

When you first get your home painted it's hard to image the outside of your house being anything but beautiful. But as the months and years pass buy you may notice that your paint isn't as bright as it once one. The truth is that paint is vulnerable to Mother Nature and the weather outdoors. However, how exactly does warm weather and color react together? The longevity and appearance of the paint are affected by the heat outdoors, so keep reading to find out why.

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Faded/Discolored Appearance

Over time UV rays from sunlight exposure can cause the paint on your home to fade. The finish of your paint job is designed to protect the paint, but as the finish is repeatedly subject to harsh and penetrating UV rays, it breaks down and exposes the paint. Once the protective finish has been broken down, the paint is no longer protected. It becomes vulnerable to fading and other damage. As time passes the heat from the sunlight would be absorbed from the material underneath the paint, causing the paint to fade and discolor.

Peeling/Deterioration of Paint

As mentioned above, UV rays can ruin the finish that protects the paint. Once the paint is no longer protected, damage to the paint is bound to occur through weather damage. Paint will crack, peel and chip over time through erosion. After the paint is gone, the frame of the house is exposed and also vulnerable to weather damage. Moisture can seep through the exposed paint onto wooden frames of the house, as well as the stucco (plaster), which may comprise the house's structure. This is why it is absolutely critical to make sure your house is painted by a licensed professional painting company who knows how to properly paint your home. Our team of San Antonio professional painters knows how to do a painting job that will last.

If you notice the paint on your home peeling, chipping, fading, etcetera, then it may be time to contact a professional painting company such as us, Texas Professional Painting, to professionally repaint your home. Curious about our work? View our residential painting gallery.