Now that colder weather is here, the leaves are changing colors - and it’s out with the bright colors and in with the dark and bold ones. If that doesn’t suit you, don’t worry. There are still several ways to keep your office bright during the winter season. We’ve compiled a list of excellent office paint colors to brighten and lighten things up in your office during this time.

Yellow To Brighten Up Your Office

Yellow is a color known for being happy, bright, cheerful, fresh and optimistic. This office color is a no-brainer if you’re hoping to brighten up your office - and even the mood! Yellow can increase mental activity, encourage communication and might just be the perfect color to liven up your office space during winter.

Pink to Add Brightness and Calm

Pink or soft coral are positive colors that inspire hope and creates a gentle tone. Depending on which shade you choose, pink is a color to consider in hoping to brighten up the office. It can indicate a sense of comfort and tends to have a calming effect on people.

Turquoise to Sooth and Glow

Turquoise is a color of creativity and communication. This is a soothing color that can be paired well with almost any other color, making it easy to incorporate into your office space. Turquoise also helps with clear thinking and decision making. This is a color that is radiant, glowing and guaranteed to illuminate your office.

Light Violet to Mix Warm and Cool

Light violet is gentle and charismatic. This color is delicate and represents peace, extravagance and wisdom. Bright violet is created by combining a strong warm with a strong cool color, allowing it to retain both warm and cool properties. It combines the strong stability of blue and the fierce energy of red, which is precisely what you may be looking for to light up your office.

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