What homeowner doesn’t dream of hosting friends and family in their great outdoor space? When you think about bang for your home improvement buck, a re-design of your backyard can often prove to be one of the best investments in terms of use and enjoyment. Below are four easy ways to make your backyard look brand new.

Make a space for outdoor dining

One easy way to jazz up your backyard is to create an outdoor dining area. First, you need to create a patio area with outdoor tiles or a wooden platform. Find an outdoor table that will complement your patio space and consider adding centerpieces or a rug under the table as accents. This new dining area will be the center of attention in your backyard!

Create a cozy fire pit

A good way to enjoy the backyard at night is to install a fire pit. This can be done with either a metal pit that sits on top of the ground or an in-ground pit made out of stonewall. Surround the area with comfy seating, such as cushioned outdoor couches and chairs. Create ambiance with mood lighting strung up in the trees or on top of a fence.

Bright flowers and stone pathway

If you’re feeling like your backyard is dull, consider planting bright flowers along the fence to spruce it up. Choose your flowers carefully, depending on how much you want to maintain them. Section off your flower beds with stone, and add stone pathways throughout your backyard to make it cohesive. Invest in a fountain if you want your yard to resemble a Japanese tea garden.

Fence and deck staining

Not only can staining your fence or deck make your backyard look brand new, but it also maintains its health and quality. Painting services from Texas Professional Painting include fence and deck staining that will protect your surfaces from the hot Texas sun. Staining can be done with a variety of colors. Whether you want a deep cherry wood look or a lighter ash wood look, Texas Professional Painting can do it for you!