The weather that comes with cold, winter months can be harsh on your deck and can cause irreversible damage to your outdoor hangout. Here are four ways to protect your deck from the cold.

Clear Away Plants and Patio Furniture

Most plants do not thrive in the freezing cold weather, so remove all the plants that you can from your deck before it’s too late. Also, moving your patio furniture to a covered/safe area will extend its life so you can enjoy it for as many years as possible.

Cover As Much Area Possible With Tarp

If you’re forecasted for an ice day, taking a tarp to cover as much area as you can is a great way to protect your wooden deck from possible wear due to the weather. It’s almost impossible to completely avoid mold and mildew, but this will slow down the process of growth.

Make Repairs Before It Gets Too Cold

The harsh cold can and will worsen any loose railings or wood panels that you may have. Make any repairs before it gets too cold to avoid any damaged areas of your deck getting any worse. Also, you wouldn’t want to make repairs during the cold weather.

Apply Sealant

Chilly weather is the best time of year to have sealant applied to your deck. This is the most ideal for whoever is applying the sealant, and the weather is best for the drying process as well. The sealant has the perfect environment in colder weather to dry evenly and quickly and will protect the deck from the harsh weather to come in the winter.

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