Have you ever felt that the color of your walls makes your bedroom seem small? Maybe you are feeling a bit enclosed? While white seems like the obvious choice for enhancing your room, it isn’t the only option to make a space feel bigger. Painting can be an intimidating process, and most people find themselves overwhelmed with color palettes, contractors and estimates. So here are a few tips to make your space feel larger.

A bold option for your room is teal. The vibrant, yet cool, color creates a relaxing and inviting feel that will turn any head. With a touch of white furniture, teal is the perfect color to light a candle and turn on your favorite movie.

In contrast, blush is a warmer tone that brightens up any room. The subtle color has the same effect as white paint but with a cozy twist. Imagine this room being a breath of fresh air after a long day at work or breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning!

A third option would be the infamous seafoam green. This color scheme has been around for some time, and there’s a reason why! This shade of green complements several other colors and enlarges your space while still being neutral.

Last but not least, there are colors for those fun and vivid personalities. You are not alone! A subtle yellow, such as a pale or straw-like yellow, will give your room a healthy facelift. Not to mention the overwhelming happiness a sunshine room can bring!

With these colors in mind, Texas Professional Painting can give you an expert opinion with exceptional results. Your bedroom will not only be taken care of stress-free, but you can rest assured you have the utmost quality on the block. Do you want to be relieved of the headache of painting? We’ve got you covered! For more information on San Antonio Texas Professional Painters, contact our office at 210-251-2548. Stop by and see us 321 Normandy Ave.