Painting the interior of your home can be one of the most tedious and difficult things to accomplish. You find yourself asking the same questions over and over again. What color should I pick? Is it going to look good? What if I mess up and want to change colors?

Luckily, Texas Professional Painting provides interior painting services that showcase the utmost quality and reliability. We can also help you pick the perfect color! There are several interior color options that will enhance your home to the fullest. Here are a few that are trending this year.


A vivid red is as bold as it gets. Crimson is a shade that is not too light but not too dark. With its energetic and striking look, this color adds personality to your interior that accommodates your every vision.


Another popular choice that is making its way through 2018 is a rustic, blue-grey color known as dusk. This subtle, yet noticeable, color mimics neutral tones without fading into the background. When blended with other colors and textures, dusk is the way to go when aiming for a relaxed and cozy feel.

Charcoal Grey

This paint color is perfect for our lovers of a modern home. Whites, blacks and other neutrals complement grey tones to create a slick and chic look. Often times, grey is associated negatively. We assure you that the demand for grey interiors continues to grow and sustain popularity.

Sunshine Yellow

If you are a bright and airy person, this yellow should be your number one pick. 2018 is the year where pops of color have flourished. Yellow-gold promotes a cheerful, warm environment that is ideal for any room.

There are thousands of colors available, but Texas Professional Painting can provide a perfect-for-you shade effortlessly and timely. We are here to provide the confidence you need from your kitchen to your bedroom. A great home deserves great results!