If you’re considering interior painting, color is usually your biggest decision. However, other factors you want to consider are what finished look you want your walls or ceiling to have and what paint type is going to achieve that look for you. Before you cover your walls in paint, let Texas Professional Painting ensure you’ve covered all aspects of your decisions. The paint types and descriptions below will help you determine the best style for your house painting.

Matte and flat

Matte and flat are the most common types of paint for interior painting. When dry, they are the least reflective - with no shine or sheen. The lack of shine in these paints offers a smooth, velvety texture with the ability to hide surface imperfections well. Although touch-ups are easy for matte and flat paints, they are sometimes easily marked and do best in areas of your home with lower traffic.

Semi-gloss and gloss

With a sleek and bright sheen, gloss paints have the most reflective and glass-like finish. Semi-gloss paints also offer hard finishes with a little less shine than gloss. These paints are durable and easy to clean. Although they are highly resistant to stains, they tend to show minor imperfections on walls and ceilings, so smooth surfaces are imperative.

Satin and eggshell enamel

If you’re looking for a finish look that lies in the middle of matte and gloss, satin and eggshell are the way to go. Although both offer some reflectivity, satin finish has a silky more pearl-like than the soft shine of eggshell. Eggshell tends to be less smooth than satin when dry, but both paints finish best on smooth walls because of their inability to hide imperfections well. Easy to clean without the shine of gloss, these paints offer the best of both worlds for your home.

Although you may have began reading this with a color in mind, we might have given you a few more options to make before hiring a professional painter. For professional opinions on the best paint type for various rooms in your home, call Texas Professional Painting today. Whether you’re interested in interior painting for a specific room or an overall house painting, our professionals have you covered.