Are you and your family looking to restore the paint in your home? Here at Texas Professional Painting, we’re firm believers in the fact that a fresh coat of paint can improve the look and feel of your household. Our trustworthy team members know how to deal with wear and tear around your home and are dedicated to showing you professional-level craftsmanship every time they step through your door! Our skilled San Antonio painting contractors strive to provide you with a new paint job that will wow you with its vibrant color and last for a very long time.

Read on for more information about our services and learn why eco-friendly paint is a great choice for your home, or call us to request an estimate by phone!

Regular vs. Eco-Friendly Paint

Interested in learning what the distinctions are between regular and environmentally friendly paint? Many traditional paint brands have harmful chemicals, such as benzene, toluene and naphthalene that can damage your lungs and throat. Regular paint also has a powerful odor that can linger in your home for quite a while, and releases volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in your space. On the other hand, eco-friendly paints are engineered with the environment and your health in mind. They have very low levels of chemicals and VOCs and have little to no smell!

What Does Environmentally Safe Painting Look Like?

Wondering how you can paint in an eco-friendly way? Here are some of the best tips and tricks to follow when it’s time to redo your paint job:

  • Look for eco-safe paints with low VOC levels to protect your indoor air quality.
  • Check and see if your area has a paint back system so that you can dispose of your extra paint in an environmentally safe manner.
  • Try not to use toxic chemicals or paint thinners, such as turpentine.
  • Read the labels on your paint cans for lead and other materials that can contaminate your home.
  • Search for biodegradable drop sheets and other recyclable cloth before painting.

Why You Should Choose The Environmentally Friendly Route

Here at Texas Professional Painting, we’re always willing to work with you when it comes to paint that will protect our ecosystem and your well-being. Painting sustainably uses biodegradable materials and dramatically reduces your carbon footprint and impact on the atmosphere. Eco-friendly paint won’t cause nausea, dizziness or headaches like traditional paint. It also lasts longer and retains its color, saving you lots of time, energy and money in the long run.

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