Your home experiences a lot of wear and tear throughout its lifetime. It protects you from weather conditions like the wind, rain and sun. However, these elements and other situations can cause your household’s paint to fade over time. As a result, your house may start to lose its overall charm.

Texas Professional Painting strives to keep your home in top-tier condition! You can count on our team of experienced painters to provide you with exceptional services. Read ahead to learn about the tell-tale signs that your San Antonio home needs a paint job.

Your Home’s Color Is Fading

Exterior painting will last a long time, but unfortunately, not forever. The sun releases harsh UV rays that can break down the color pigment. Without proper shading, your household color may start to fade quickly. Similarly, if you leave the curtains open, sunlight can also dim your interior painting.

However, some colors don’t absorb as much sunlight. Neutral shades, like cream, gray and satin, last longer than vibrant tones. A professional painter can help you find the right color to prevent the pigment from fading.

Paint Is Cracking Or Peeling

Nature can take a heavy toll on your home’s paint job. If the color is flaking, it can be a sign of dry rot or mold growth. A protective coating will help keep your home material intact and prevent mold and mildew from forming on the wood. Interior paint can also flake if it doesn't adhere properly to the previous coating.

There Are Gaps In Wooden Boards

The wooden boards on the exterior of your home should fit next to one another. Gaps between the material can be a sign of too much moisture. The wood may begin to shrink, risking mold and mildew growth. A repaint provides the wood with a protective barrier and can prevent structural damage.

When To Invest In Exterior And Interior Painting

It can be hard to determine when you should repaint your home. But most professionals recommend to schedule service every seven to ten years. Paint is your home’s first line of defense against weather damage, dust and insects. Because of this, it's crucial to keep up with its repainting routine.

The exterior of your house is also the first impression for guests and neighbors. A new paint job is recommended if you’re selling your home. The vibrant colors will help attract potential buyers and increase its overall value.

The Team Of San Antonio House Painters You Can Count On

Texas Professional Painting stands true to its name! When the time comes to paint your home, our team of experts is prepared to help. You can expect your home to look good as new after we’ve completed a paint job. Contact us today to speak with a professional and schedule your next service!