Most homeowners don’t realize how influential house painting is when attempting to sell their homes. Although showcasing your house with white walls may seem like the ideal choice to give your buyer a clean slate, it’s best to present your home wearing its potential rather than leaving it up to the imagination.

Revamping your home interior may seem overwhelming, but Texas Professional Painting makes it simple by providing both guidance and the technical skills necessary for an optimal upgrade.

Recommended Tones For Interior Painting

We recommend sticking to neutral tones and light colors as they are inviting and work well with most décor. Listed below are the best neutral options for your home to increase its selling factor.


Cream paint colors offer a more classic, neutral look to your home and are more welcoming than bare white walls. Cream shades are warmer and provide more depth than white, making them an ideal hue for brightly lit rooms. It enhances natural lighting, giving your room the illusion of a larger space.

Warm Neutrals

Warm neutral colors are soft hues with a yellow or “warm” undertone. Accenting your walls in a beige, tan or warm gray shade can create that cozy feeling that will attract buyers. The key is to help potential buyers envision themselves living there, so fostering a homey environment is crucial.


Gray is another classic neutral option for walls because it complements nearly every accent color and design style. Gray offers a vast range of shades, from warm to cool-toned.

Depending on the tone or mood you would like to set, there is a shade of gray perfect for your background. A warm greige, a shade between gray and beige, evokes a more comfy vibe, whereas a cool-toned gray suits a more industrial home design.

Light Blue

Light pastel blues are rising in popularity — and for good reasons. The right shade can still feel like a neutral background color but offers a bit more brightness and personality to your space. Its subtlety provides enough color to facilitate a calming atmosphere but not enough to overbear your walls and space.

Colors To Avoid

It’s best practice to avoid intense colors and deep shades when preparing your house for the market. Darker paint colors can make your space feel smaller and less welcoming to potential buyers. Some bold hues to steer clear of include black, purple, red and orange. If your walls are currently a darker color, we recommend opting for a lighter shade when repainting.

Let Our House Painting Pros Help

Whether you plan on selling your home now or in the future, a fresh paint job can significantly increase your home value. Here at Texas Professional Painting, we offer painting services along with thousands of colors for you to choose from to get your house market-ready. After deciding on the perfect colors for your walls, we’re here to paint your home in a timely fashion while maintaining quality and precision to sell it in no time. Book with us today to optimize your home’s selling potential!