Do it yourself is great! You get to be creative, try new things and hopefully save money. But when is DIY a bad idea? When should you seek professional help instead of trying to do it yourself?

Here are 6 reasons you should hire a commercial painting instead of trying to complete a project by yourself.


If you hire a commercial painter you can rest easy that your cousin Bob wouldn’t fall off a ladder and come to you with his hospital bill. Professional painters are experienced and trained on how to safely plan and execute a paint job. The Pros have systems and protocols that a novice painter will not have.


Whether it’s your home or office you can rest easy knowing Texas Professional Painters are indeed professional. You can trust our team to take care of your home or business. Don’t put yourself at risk of being a cautionary tale, hiring from sketchy online sites and inviting strangers into your home or business with no known association with any professional organization just to save a few bucks. Hire a company you can trust.


Don’t worry about bad surprises when you hire a commercial painter. You can expect a beautifully done, professional job. Not just attractive to the eye but properly prepared, painted and finished with long term quality in mind. Hiring a professional will give you peace of mind that the job will be done right. No streaks, random uneven areas or roller marks. They know what they are doing!


Often people decide to do their own painting in hopes of saving money but how much money does it really save you? When you hire a professional you aren’t investing in painting materials you’ll never use again, for example, painter's tape, drop cloths, buckets, brushes, paint rollers, and refills, paint trays, paint buckets. Nor do you have to worry about renting and transporting larger supplies you may need.

Most professional companies offer a written estimate for the work you want to be done so their won’t be any of the guesswork in figuring out how much the job might cost. Also, work done correctly will last longer. An armature job may need to be redone sooner than a professionally done one. Let’s be honest, don’t forget the money you’ll save buying pizza and beer for your buddies if they offer to help.


What is your time worth? Even if you discover that it is cheaper for your to buy paint and supplies then to hire a professional, are you including the value of your own time? What could you do in the number of hours you spend on the job that would take our team of painters less time to do? Why book your calendar for days of painting when you could let us do the heavy lifting for you?


If something goes wrong with your paint job you can find comfort in the fact that the painting company is insured to make it right. Their insurance should be able to provide your property with protection from anything that happens to it during the painting process (as a result of it. Talk directly with your representatives about the specifics). Do not hire a company that is not licensed and insured!

If you are looking for painting interior, exterior, commercial or residential give us a call to setup your free onsite estimate and see how we can get you started today. We’re built on reliability and quality workmanship.