The San Antonio Guide for Successful Brick Painting

If you’ve decided to paint your brick house, you may have heard that brick painting requires more preparation than normal. The distinct nature of brick presents certain challenges, especially in San Antonio. Not to worry, though. We’ve put together this guide to help you prepare for your brick painting experience in SA!

Step 1: Pick the Right Time 

Exterior painting, including exterior brick, ideally occurs when the temperature ranges from 50℉ to 70℉ with less than 85% humidity. For a city like San Antonio, you should aim your project to take place in March or November. When you paint during this time, it will be easier to apply and the results will last longer!

Step 2: Pick the Right Paint

Paints with high elasticity, mildew resistance, and UV resistance deliver optimal results for brick painting. High elasticity enables paint to easily expand and contract on its surface as temperatures fluctuate. In a humid and sunny city like San Antonio, acrylic latex exterior paint stands as the perfect choice.

Step 3: Powerwash the Surface

Given San Antonio’s reputation as a catalyst for pollen and dust, you’ll want to powerwash the surface before priming. This will ensure that particles don’t become trapped under the paint, which could lead to an uneven finish. Once painting is completed, you’ll want to be sure to powerwash the brick every few months to maintain a fresh appearance.

Step 4: Prime the Surface 

Priming the surface is always important, but especially so when it comes to brick painting in humid San Antonio. Humidity leads to a moisture build-up which can get trapped in a home’s wall system if not primed properly. In addition, primer acts as a safeguard to expand the lifespan and durability of your paint job. 

Step 5: Begin Brick Painting

Once all of the above steps are completed, you can successfully get started with painting. Brick painting is a huge undertaking, and we don’t blame you if you need extra help. The Brick Industry Association is a great resource. 

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