Interior painting is more than just colors on a wall or what looks good with the floors in your home. A person’s mood and thoughts can be influenced by room color. So when painting your office, keep these tips and colors below in mind.

Think About What Mood You are Trying to Portray

Before we dive deep into specific colors, you need to think about what it is you will be doing in your office. What you do for work will depend on what color you should paint your office. For example, yellow ties into your emotions - so if you’re working creatively, this is a good color for you. Red can create anxiety, as it stimulates the feeling of being rushed. However, if you work in construction or fitness, this may be the right color for you.

Below are color suggestions for your office, but keep in mind the intensity of each hue will either stimulate or soothe you.


If you’re a person who likes neutrality, not being over or under stimulated, gray is the color for you. While using it in the wrong settings with the wrong people can cause a lack of motivation, using gray in a space with the right people can keep you at ease, focused and calm.


Blue is a color that is connected to the mind. As an intellectual color, blue leads to more productivity, focus and efficiency, especially for industries that are repetitive - like financial services and secretary duties.


When most people see the color green, their minds jump to wealth. Since green is associated with balance, harmony and restoration, it is the perfect color to put in an office that deals with money.


Since red is too abrupt for most offices, creating a hurried atmosphere, orange is a more neutral color to generate a sense of warmth. This color should be used in offices where anxiety potentially runs high because it promotes calmness and relaxation.


As talked about earlier, yellow is great for the creative industries since it plays on emotion. It helps bring forth confidence and optimism, which is just what you need when being creative - you may get stuck at times and have to pull yourself, and others, back up to be confident in what you’ve created.

If office painting isn’t your forte, call Texas Professional Painting today and let us work with you from concept design to completion!