How to prepare for your professional painting

If you’ve hired a professional painter to paint your home, there are a few things you’ll need to do before you can enjoy freshly painted walls. In order to protect surfaces and furniture in your home, here are some ways to prepare your house for a professional paint job.

Move the furniture

Furniture is not a cheap element to a home, so we assume you’ll want to protect it. If you are painting a certain room in the house, we recommend moving all the furniture into another room that is not being painted. However, if your whole house is being painted, move all furniture to the center of each room. Additionally, it is recommended to cover your furniture with a tarp to catch any loose paint.

Cover the floors

When painting your home, it is possible for paint to spill or drip onto your hardwood or carpet floors. Paint is not an easy stain to remove, and floors are not cheap to replace. The best way to prevent this from happening is by covering your floors with a tarp and using duct tape to keep it in place.

Remove anything from the walls

It may be obvious that any wall art will need to be taken down, but it is easy to overlook nails, hooks, screws or even tape used to hang things on the wall. Be sure to remove these as well so that the paint can appear consistently smooth on the wall.

Clean the walls

Your walls may not appear dirty, but if you take a closer look there may be a thin layer of dust. A light dusting can take care of that and will, again, allow for a consistently smooth look when applying paint.

These few easy steps will take only a little time out of your day but will successfully prepare your home for a professional painting. By doing these steps before the painter comes, you can expect a smoother service and the best results.