Painting the walls is a great way to make your house feel like a home. Aside from decoration, it allows us to express ourselves in a unique way, even if we aren’t trying to. Wall color showcases preferences and personality traits. Here are a few common perceptions about paint color and personality.


If your room is a soft pink, you’re most likely gentle and quaint with a huge heart. The softer the pink, the gentler one is. However, if your room is hot pink, you’re bold and not afraid to break the rules a little.


Red is an intense color, and that’s exactly the type of person it depicts. If you have red walls, you’re prone to sending mixed signals to people and like to leave them wondering.


Orange is not a common paint color. Most people who want a warm tone will go with red or yellow. If you have an orange room, you are likely daring, bold and confident. You’re not afraid of what anyone thinks of you, and you’re willing to break away from the norm.


Yellow walls depict a happy, sweet and understanding person. You’re very extroverted and can put a smile on anyone’s face. Unlike red and orange personalities, you’re not as comfortable with breaking the rules. You like to play it safe, and it typically works out for you.


If you have dark green walls, you’re most likely introverted and have a mysterious side to you. You appreciate nature and crave it all the time. You look forward to relaxing and appreciate any time you can sit and contemplate your thoughts. Lime or light green walls are for people who are witty and outgoing who may have been labeled a class clown at one point.


A blue room represents a mature, sophisticated individual. Friends and family enjoy being around you because you’re fun but also extremely loyal. You tend to stick with people through good and bad.


If you have a purple room, you tend to be soft, gentle and sensitive, which is why people gravitate toward you. Friends and family would describe you as a creative type, often showing a wild side while playing it safe. You’re the perfect mix of daring and responsible.


People are often confused by black walls. While you are rather introverted and quiet, you have a heart of gold, and people realize that once they get to know you. Your room is like a cave where you can relax and stray away from all the stress that life throws. You’re unique and tend to have impressive artistic abilities.


Although some people may label you as boring, you’re not. You simply enjoy the flexibility that a white room brings because you’re not locked down and can incorporate color in other ways. You enjoy modesty and don’t need a plethora of material items to be happy.

Switching up your bedroom wall color is a great way to express personality in your personal space. To find out more about interior painting, call the team at Texas Professional Painting.