First impressions can make or break your future interactions with a potential – and sometimes existing – client, so it’s crucial to have your office building in tip-top shape. An office exterior is to a business as a cover is to a book, and more likely than not, your clients are going to judge the book by its cover. Faded, cracked and moldy exterior paint is sure to be a turn-off for clients who are looking to conduct business with you. This is why it’s important to maintain your office’s outside appearance if you’re determined to win your clients over. Here are just a few ways to know your building is in need of a paint facelift.

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Paint Is Fading

The outside world can be harsh, especially to the precious paint on your walls. Weather and UV sunlight can wear away and alter the appearance of the building. It’s not uncommon for a particular color like tan to turn an awkward pink or for a green to turn yellow if the building is exposed to strong sunlight. The easiest way to tell your paint is beginning to fade is through chalking, a chalk-like substance that forms on the top of the paint and eventually wears away the color.

Cracking or Peeling Paint

This one is a given. Cracking or peeling paint can mean a number of different things about the makeup of your building, but all point to a run-down, unprofessional feel. Signs of cracking and peeling typically come from a low-grade paint. Texas Professional Painting will partner with you to provide an exterior paint that works perfectly for your building’s needs.

Visible Mold Growth

Black spots are a clear indicator that you may have mold growing on the paint. This typically occurs when you have poor air circulation on one side of the building and can cause paint to flake and peel, as well as wearing down the professional feel of your office.

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