A The University of Texas study found that interior paint color can affect a worker’s overall productivity. Certain colors can increase concentration, creativity and efficiency. (Who wouldn’t want more of that in the workplace?) Create the best workplace atmosphere for your employees’ with a fresh paint color.

What Do You Want Out Of Your Paint Color?

With how much time is spent in the office, the mood of the room is going to have an influence on the type of work that is produced. To best optimize your workspace, choose an interior paint color that represents the goal of the office space. Let’s look at some colors and what they can do for your workspace!

  • Blue: Blue sparks creativity - great in a general office area where employees spend long amounts of time.
  • Red: Red is known to increase brain activity. A shade of red would benefit an area where decisions are made, such as a conference room.
  • Green: Get rid of the excess distractions in the office with a light green paint color on your office walls. Green exemplifies tranquility and serenity.
  • Yellow: Energize your employees with a fresh coat of yellow paint. Yellow is a happy color that can break up the monotony of the workday.

When Picking a Paint Color, Keep the Size of the Space in Mind

Whether your office space is large or small - or has many windows or none - a fresh paint color can drastically improve the workplace atmosphere. When deciding on a paint color for a small room, avoid bright colors as they make the space feel boxed-in. Accentuate your large office space by opting out of deep or bright interior paint. Stick with light paint colors for the office interior to optimize light throughout the space and create an open airy feel. A muted wall color won’t overwhelm the space and employees.

Avoid Patterns in the Office

A busy wall color or design can create a distraction and disturb employees’ concentration. Avoid using interior paint with bright colors or patterns in areas where people spend long amounts of time - this can cause eyestrain. If you haven’t already, now is the time to remove old wallpaper and create a fresh, focused work environment. Hiring a commercial interior painter makes an office painting job quick and stress free. Texas Professional Painting can improve your office space with our commercial painting services. See how you can get more out of your paint color! See the lasting benefits that a new interior paint color can do for your employees and business.