Congratulations! Buying a house with your significant other is a big step! Now it's time to make it your own. We know how scary relationships can be at times, but picking the paint for your walls doesn't have to be! Here are a few things to keep in mind while shopping for paint swatches for your house painting project.

How to pick paint together a couple

Start Simple

Just pick the samples, and keep it simple. The idea of picking a color for a giant, noticeable wall can be stressing. But what about picking a color for a tiny piece of paper? Not so scary, now is it? Pick the color samples that catch your eye - even if you think it's going to be a big “no” from your partner. Even if you end up rejecting the other swatches later, they can always be used to leave little notes for each other.

Still having trouble picking a color? Looking through home improvement catalogs together can be useful. Both of you should bookmark your favorite rooms and head down to your local home store. Sometimes seeing how colors are modeled in showrooms can help the both of you open your eyes to see the bigger picture.

Don't Forget Lighting

Keep in mind your lighting conditions. Lighting can drastically change the undertone of the color. Both of you should consider the kind of lightbulbs you will be using in each room. Before doing so, try taking your color choices outside during the day to get a good look at them under the natural daylight. Don't be surprised if some of the colors you liked at the store look insanely different!

Next, you should cut the crazies. We mean exactly what we say. That means say goodbye to the “cream” color that is clearly yellow, the gray that has turned purple, and the “sea blue” that makes you sad. Break up with those swatches and never look back.

Embrace Pickiness

We all have a pickier half. Put their skills to work and narrow the colors down into categories, the best creams, whites, pale darks, gray-blues, blue-grays, sage greens, and the funky colors a 6-year-old would like (if you have children). We know this sounds like it would take forever, but it really only takes less than a minute. Consider even doing a compromising wall. Paint the color swatches that best complement each other in a window pattern on the wall to get a visual picture. Keeping organized will help both of you run this operation smoothly and less stressful.

Last but not least, remember it's just paint! What if you both end up hating it? Be mindful that it isn't the end of the world. We know re-painting rooms can be tiring, but just know that it is entirely possible if needed. This should be a fun, learning experience for the both of you. Keep it light.

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