Painting can be a fun DIY project and a great way to spruce up your home’s interior. When you stand back and look at your work, you may see some things you didn’t mean to paint. Various surfaces have different methods of paint removal. Here are some of the best ways to remove dried paint on different surfaces.

Wooden Floors

Always make sure you cover your floors before painting. However, there may be a gap or two, exposing your wooden floor to paint splatter. To remove this paint, the most popular method is to use a heating gun.

Apply the heat and slowly scrape away the paint with a putty knife. Be careful to not keep the heat on for too long - because it can ruin the floor's finish. If you don’t have a heating gun, the next best thing is a hairdryer!


When you're painting close to your window, it’s common for some paint to get on the glass. First, mix hot water and soap until the water has suds. Next, you’ll want to use a rag to wet the window, and then get a razor for removal.

The main concern you may have is to not scratch the glass. In order for the glass to not scratch, you’ll constantly need to keep the glass wet. Angle the razor at 45 degrees, and slowly start to remove the paint. Keep repeating until the paint is gone.


Whenever you are painting, you’ll always want to wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. For the occasions when you spill some paint on a nice shirt, we have the solution for you.First, you’ll want to scratch off any thick coats of paint with a spoon or putty knife in order to not make a hole in your clothing. Turn your clothes inside out, and blot the spots with hot water and detergent. Apply stain remover, and then you can choose to soak it overnight in water before putting it through the washer.

If it’s still there after cleaning, you can either try applying more stain remover, take it to the cleaner, or make it your new designated painting outfit!Avoid the hassle of getting those pesky painting spots out. We can have all of your painting needs done without leaving a drop of paint anywhere but the walls. Contact Texas Professional Painting today to get started!