Is it time to remodel your home? Painting your home is a great way to give your home a new look. Can you not decide which color would look best in your kitchen? After all, the kitchen is the eating area that pulls the family together – and, of course, you want everyone to feel cool, calm and collected at the dinner table.

Most people start their day in the kitchen. It's where breakfast is made and smiles and friendly conversation is enjoyed, so we get it. The pressure is on for the search of the perfect color for your kitchen. Let us give you a little background on the most popular color choices that have been pulling families and kitchens together across the country.

Red, white, grey and yellow can really spark up your kitchen. Each color does a little something different for a room.

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Warmer colors are typically used to stimulate appetite and are amazing options for kitchens. We know the idea of painting a whole kitchen with bold or dark colors can be intimidating, but a few accents of red can make your kitchen a little cozier.


White can really brighten up a room. The color gives off the vibe of fresh and clean. Even better, an all-white kitchen will wake anyone up the minute they step foot into it. What's best about an all-white kitchen is that it can be complemented by any accent color of your choosing, so have some fun with countertops and backsplashes that can liven up the room.


Lately, gray has taken kitchens by storm. Its neutral tone can sometimes come across as too "cold," but the right shade of gray can do wonders for any kitchen. It pairs well with a wide variety of colors, and it's the perfect base color to complement bold designs.  


Who doesn’t like little rays of sunshine? While yellow is known to make people hungry, it also has a soothing and calming quality that will make people feel happy in your kitchen. While yellow can lead to happy conversations, it’s also a good option for small spaces. It will make any room look and feel bigger and brighter. Best of all, yellow pairs greatly with white, gray and light blue accents.

We know painting a kitchen can be a load of hard work, as well. Remember though, it should be a fun project. Get the family involved - the more brushes and rollers the better!

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