Finding the perfect color for your child’s bathroom can be a challenge. Kids’ interests and tastes tend to change like the weather, so you want to make sure you find the perfect color to paint their bathroom. Here are some great color choices that will age well with your kids.


Lavender is a great color if you are looking for whimsy while your children are young, and it’s a unique color choice when they mature. It’s very easy to add decals to your walls that bring in a more youthful vibe. When your kids get older, replace the decals with rustic style decorations to give the bathroom a more adult feel.

Pale Blue

Pale blues provide a modern look that can be easily decorated. Accent your pale blue walls with white crown molding or mirror frames. Pale blue is a calm, clean color that works great in bathrooms.

Pale Yellow

If you’re looking for a gender-neutral color to paint your bathroom, pale yellow is a great choice. Painting a bathroom yellow will also make the room look more spacious. Yellow is also a great color to decorate. Adding in blue or purple accents can really make a yellow room pop.

Mint Green

This color is bright and unique, which your kids will love. Like many lighter colors, it can make the bathroom look bigger. But be warned, it might put you in the mood for some mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Navy and White

A navy blue and white color scheme is a classic. The colors complement each other perfectly, and they can create depth in smaller spaces. With navy and white, it’s easy to go from a pirate theme to a more grown-up, nautical theme as your kids get older.

When it comes to bathroom paint, getting all of the small details can be difficult. You will want the best painters for the job. The best San Antonio painters can be found at Texas Professional Painting, and we’ll be sure to help you make your child’s bathroom and all other interior painting look incredible.